District Operations


Greensprings Rural Fire District operates from a single fire station located at the corner of Oregon Highway 66 and the Hyatt lake Access Road. GRFD responds to all emergencies including wildland and structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies and traumatic injuries. 
Our emergency response apparatus include a structure fire engine, a 4x4 military vehicle converted to a wildland fire engine, an F-350 brush engine, a 3000 gallon water tender, and a 1300 gallon 4x4 water tender. 
GRFD personnel are alerted to emergencies through the regional 911 system, and communicate with dispatch and other agencies through a dedicated radio network. GRFD volunteers train every Monday evening at 6:00pm, usually at the Fire Station.
Below is a collection of photographs and videos of GRFD training and operations.


Training with UAV 8699

GRFD Training - Oregon Gulch Video

Response area

Volunteer Section

This section contains training and education resources for our Volunteer Firefighters:

2021 Wildland Refresher materials:
Standard Firefighting Orders
New Generation Fire Shelter
Watch Out Situations
BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion) Demonstration
Power Line Safety for Firefighters