About Us

Greensprings Rural Fire District (GRFD) was formed to provide professional fire fighting, emergency medical, rescue, and education/prevention services for the Greensprings Community of southern Oregon.

GRFD is an all-volunteer agency staffed by members of the Greensprings and surrounding communities. Our response area borders California and extends north to Dead Indian Memorial Highway, east to the Klamath County line, and west to the Greensprings Summit.

Through mutual and automatic aid agreements, GRFD provides assistance to other Rogue Valley fire agencies and communities. GRFD also manages the Greensprings Community Firewise program, providing consultation and assistance with residential fuels reduction projects.

Greensprings Rural Fire District is funded solely through community membership dues, donations, and public/private grants. Our fire station is located in the heart of the Greensprings Community, at the corner of Oregon Highway 66 and the Hyatt Lake Access road. 


Contact us:    In an emergency dial 911


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By Telephone:
Mailing Address:
Greensprings RFD
11471 Highway 66
Ashland, Oregon


District Governance

The Greensprings Fire Department is comprised of two distinct branches. The Greensprings Rural Fire District responds to emergency calls, maintains the Fire Station and associated equipment, establishes an annual budget and ensures operational continuity.
The second branch, Greensprings Fire and Rescue, is a non-profit 5o1C3 dedicated to fundraising, memberships and community events related to the Fire District. 

The Greensprings Rural Fire District is governed by a five member Board of Directors elected through the Jackson County election process:
Ron Garfas-Knowles, President
Todd Breeding, Vice President
Valerie Holbo, Secretary
Richard Holbo, Treasurer
Brandon Givens, Director at-large
Daily operations are directed by the Fire Chief, Gene Davies. The Fire Chief reports to the GRFD Board.

Greensprings Fire and Rescue is also governed by a Board of Directors. This board is elected by voting members of the Community:
Steve Bender, President
Jim Impara, Vice President
Gail Colbern, Treasurer
Denise Rowlette, Secretary
Mary-Jo Davies, Director at-large
Gene Davies, Director at-large